Friday, July 06, 2007

The Garden is Growing

Row covers came off the tomatoes yesterday. Stakes were pounded in and the tomatoes tied up. The vines are nice and healthy with some blossoms. This first picture shows a couple of rows of beets, three rows of kohlrabi, and a row of tomatoes.

Today I was able to pick quite a few bunches of beets for tomorrows farmers market. This next pictures shows a row of shallots, two rows of onions, and more 4 rows of beets. Got a quite a few nice baseball sized walla-walla onions picked too.

This last picture shows a couple rows of glads and some tomato plants.

Will have to make another trip to the garden and see how many kohlrabi are big enough to pick. First I'm gonna go and check the wild blueberry patch, I've heard they are ready.


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