Sunday, June 11, 2006

Growing GREAT Roses

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My hybrid Tea Roses have been lagging for the past couple of years even though I gave them rose food and amended the soil with peat moss.

This year, it was time to get serious. I had always heard about cow manure but was afraid to use it for fear of the smell. I had heard countless stories from my mom about some neighbor years ago who would use this on her garden and what a stench it would be on a hot summer day! Add to that the stories my hubby told me of
Germany in the summertime when the farmers would use cow manure for their crops.

Fear no more. Soil amendment in this country has come a long way. I purchased a product called Black Kow and used it on the roses. In a short while, I had thicker healthier stems, leaves that had virtually no fungus, and lots and lots of blooms! More blooms than I have had even when I first planted the roses! Now its time to look into Nematodes, for those pesky Japanese beetles, which are back, but that's for next time!

And here is a photo of one of these New Roses

Lincoln Rose Page

Happy Gardening

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Healing Garden

It's alway exciting when we can think of ways to combine our interests. I love gardening and photography. Going into the garden each morning and taking the time to photograph each flower - or the ones I like the best - gives me such a feeling of satisfaction. I marvel at God's work and the fact that I can enjoy it for years to come.

A few months ago, a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and had to start chemo treatments. Each morning I'd choose a flower photo that I'd taken - either recently or in the past - and would email it to her. She wrote that she enjoyed them so much and would I continue until she was through with her treatments. I have.

It can be such a feeling of helplessness when someone lives too far away to take a bouquet of fresh flowers or a bowl of chicken soup. Darlene finished her chemo treatments last week, so I gathered all the photos I'd taken and created a "healing garden" album available for her anytime. It's been therapeutic for both of us and so wonderful to be able to still enjoy the flowers long after the real ones have faded away.

I also use the photos of my flowers to create useful and fun items at - such as the Peace Rose greeting card - pictured.

Click here to visit our Healing Garden -- I'd like to have our roses meet you.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Red Rose After The Rain

I took this photo of a lovely rose that blossomed on a new rose bush that we have next to our turtle pond. It was after an unanticipated spring shower and it just sparkled! Okay, technically, the rose bush is also actually IN the little turtle encampment we have surrounding the pond. Not just to give the turtles something lovely to look at, but to save it from being eaten by the ground squirrels here, who seem to like red flowers, or at least chewing off the stems of red flowers - LOL.

Anyway, this image is available on everything from apparel to ceramics, and paper goods like greeting cards and blank journals, and more! Choose a few of your favorites and create a gift set - good for any occasion, and particularly nice for gardeners and rose enthusiasts. Click here to wander through the roses!
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Sunday, April 16, 2006

White Roses and Japanese beetles

Like many of you, I'm a big fan of white roses, especially the JFK Rose. One of the biggest problems with these wonderful flowers is that they seem to attract Japanese beetles! These pesky little varmits eat away at the flower, the leaves and eventually destroy the plant.

One of my gardening buddies came up with a really neat idea! She didn't want to use the pesticide Seven on the roses, and the beetle traps didn't seem to help. She noticed that these beetles seem to be attracted to white flowers. So she put up a white sheet in her backyard away from the roses. Lo and behold, the beetles gathered on the sheet. The next morning, she came outside and saw all the beetles on the sheet. She picked them off and put them in soapy water. The trick worked. No pesticides, and no more beetles.

Here are some white roses, that will NEVER have beetles and will always be in bloom.

White Roses

Happy Gardening

Nitsupak Art & Photography

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Flowers, trees and cranberry harvesting

Flowers Tile Gift BoxesThe natural world is full of colors! Take a look at some of my photography captured on various items -- like these ceramic-tile-covered wooden boxes!

I love to marvel at the strength of tiny flowers bursting through both the earth and piles of leaves!! I especially love seeing the bare trees of winter just soak up the sunshine of spring and then one day exude tiny leaves.

Seeing images of these beautiful and fragile things is one way I am reminded of the wonder of the world.

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