Friday, June 01, 2007

Planting Tomatoes

It was time to get the tomatoes planted, the weather was good, the ground ready, rows covered with plastic, and I found the time. So.... The trailer got loaded up with the needed equipment and tomatoes. There were 75 plus plants in nice shape for putting in the ground. Eight Taxi (a yellow determinate, tennis ball to baseball size) and the rest were New Girl, an improved Early Girl (indeterminate, very uniform fruit of tennis ball to baseball size.)

The garden cart is used for planting. First holes are punched with a bulb planter, tomato plants are set, and then given a drink of water.

Next, hoops are put in place for the row cover.

Looking across the garden with a couple of hoops over a tomato row. The Mississippi river is in the background with trees on the far bank.

The garden after the row covers are up. The three rows in the foreground are onions and shallots. Next are four rows of beets, then two and a half rows of glads. On the other side of the row covers there are two rows of kohlrabi, two more rows of beets, and another row of kohlrabi.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Planting Onions

Yesterday morning was beautiful and the onion plants arrived in the mail. So... I decided to till up a few rows in the garden and get them planted.

I started with the Walla-Wallas, planting them about 4 inches apart in three rows down the center of the raised row.

It was really nice working in the garden with the sun shining, a slight breeze blowing, and the sound of water rushing over the rocks in the Mississippi river.

Using the garden cart is so much easier on the knees and back when planting. Can't remember how many years I went without a garden cart, and after building one and using it, said to myself "Why didn't I build one years ago?"

After getting a batch of plants in they were mulched with straw to help keep moisture and cut down on weeds. If only, all the good stuff grew as well as the weeds. Wouldn't it be nice to have great crops without weeds? Guess, we can dream can't we!

After getting the Walla-Wallas planted and mulched, I started another row with Red Bull onions.

I haven't tried these in years past. Hope they do well. Mostly red onions just haven't gotten as big as I'd like in other years. They haven't sold as well at farmers market either. It seems the big Walla-Wallas have sold the best. Maybe if red onions get big they will sell too. I can hope.

The onions were ordered from Johnny's selected seeds and arrived in great shape with good sized plants in good sized bunches.

I've had good luck with orders from Johnny's and will likely be ordering from them again.

This spring's order also included seeds for New Girl tomatoes, Early Wonder tall top beets, Taxi tomatoes, and Provider beans.

Now that the onions are in, I'm gonna try and get some shallots and galdiolus in. Looks like another nice day, so maybe I'll get some of them in the ground.

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